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enforced persuasive speech warwickshire Best essay writing service, due date or subject. We find not only the best essay writing services for you need Hello! This article is the continuation of the SOLID Principles in Java that we talked about on the last. If you can’t remember, you can read the first article.

What is S in SOLID??

Features of process when you http://www.docomomoiberico.com/?writing-academic-papers here. First of all, he or she will find a good topic for your essay or any other type of academic paper. It will be the one that corresponds to your stage in education. If you do it for yourself, youll probably find a topic that requires minimum reading and is well-discussed. Single responsibility principle, as our uncle Robert C. Martin said, states that a class should have only one reason to change. In Wikipedia it states that it is the principle in computer programming that states that every module or class should have responsibility over a single part of functionality provided by the software, and that responsibility should be captured encapsulated by the class.

British Assignments Help provides students in UK with best resume medical school admission service at cheap prices, delivers 100% plagiarism free work. Place your order So if we have two reasons to change for a class, then we should split the functionality into two classes.

I still don’t understand…

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As you can see, there’s 1 class called CustomerRecords. This class does THREE things:

  1. Opens DB connection
  2. Reads Customer data from DB
  3. Writes data as CSV file

So What’s the issue with Above?

The issue is it handles more than one operations. What if there’s new database? What if we have a new ORM to manage queries on database? What if we want to put it on txt file instead of CSV file?

In the end, it will be sure that this class CustomerRecords will be changed.


On the code below, the class CustomerRecords show the above picture:

As we checked the class CustomerRecords does everything: from database connection to writing file to csv file. This is not correct as we need to separate the functions of: (1) opening connection with DB; (2) reading data from DB and (3) writing csv file.

So… What should be the correct way?

The correct way to do this is below:

As you can see above, we will use Spring Data JPA to persist the data from DB. This means the connection will be taken care of by Spring Data. For retrieving the customer data, the interface CustomerRepository will take care of retrieving the data from DB with the help of Spring Data JPA. And the class CustomerService will get the data.

The CustomerService class will be the one writing the data to the csv file which is separate from retrieving the data and taking care of the connection.

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What now??

You can practice this on your own project. Try to separate the functions and responsibilities from each classes.

I have put the project into my github account. You may pull request to retrieve on here.

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Jeremy Punsalan is a Senior Java Developer in Manila, Philippines. He has extensive 10 years of professional experience as Senior Java Developer and currently working with Product Information Management systems and like. He is also an enthusiastic technology evangelist following tutorials step by step in relation with Software Development and Web Development.

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